BMR is the amount of energy released at rest at neutral temperature. Energy expenditure in this state is the sum of energy for vital organs (heart, lungs, stomach, brain, nervous system, ...). So it is the amount of energy that your body spends only on basic functioning. Imagine not moving all day, just lying in bed, not eating, but just concentrating on breathing.

The MBR value is different for each person. It is influenced by factors such as:

As the MBR rises, so does the body's need to absorb more energy. This is very common in athletes who have more muscle. Their body needs more energy. If the same amount of energy was received by someone with a lower BMR value, energy would be stored in their fat stores.
BMR decreases in older people.

Why is good for you to know the value of BMR?

With BMR data, you can gain control over your own weight. (If you are doing a sport activity, you have a physically demanding job, use the AMR calculator.)
The calculation is simple - if you give your body less calories, you will lose weight, if you gain more.

Increase your daily calorie intake if you want to gain . CAUTION - It is always a good idea to consult a nutritionist. The composition of the diet is not just about calories, but also about the individual ratios between fats, sugars and proteins. The higher the calorie intake, the more fat is stored. If you want to avoid fat storage it is good to have a sports activity. If you include regular sports activity in your life, count your calories consumed through AMR calculator.

Should I use a BMR or AMR calculator?

BMR - Basal metaboli rate
AMR - Active metabolic rate

BMR is just the sum of the basic energy needed to run your body without any other physical or mental activity. If you do simple office work or work from home, in many cases you have very little energy expenditure and therefore BMR is enough for the conversion. AMR is the BMR calculated by your daily physical activity. If you go to workout on some days, you can add AMR for those days. If you are an active athlete, use the AMR calculator. More information about AMR can be found here.

How to use BMR value?

[Calories you eat] = [Calories that burn your body] = [NO CHANGE]
Calories you eat = Calories that burn your body = NO CHANGE
[Calories you eat] > [Calories that burn your body] = [GAIN WEIGHT]
Calories you eat > Calories that burn your body = GAIN WEIGHT
[Calories you eat] < [Calories that burn your body] = [LOSE WEIGHT]
Calories you eat < Calories that burn your body = LOSE WEIGHT
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